Designing and scoping the first rideshare partnership for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Along with a multitude of other offerings, the VA is a nearly full-time transportation company. To alleviate some of the very disparate burden across the 152 hospital and 1400 community outpatient clinic wide medical system, we worked alongside rideshare companies to design and scope a pilot that would best serve the needs of veterans.

First things First

We looked to identify needs. We spoke with veterans across the country of all stripes to help isolate the largest transportation-related barriers to care. We then spoke with medical center directors and transportation leads across the country to try to assess needs and patterns in order to identify pilot sites that we felt best represented the majority of the shared patterns.

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Over the course of two days, medical center and transportation leads from the 3 pilot hospitals, ridesharing service leadership, and the VA Center for Innovation co-created a series of pilots and whittled down the scope to something that we could agree upon, which we then circulated amongst leadership in order to secure funding.


My role: Lead Designer and Facilitator


Amber Schleuning, Deputy Director, VA Center for Innovation

Medical Center Directors in Louisiana, Boston and New Jersey

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